21 September 2018

Fast Forward to UNGA 73

I have been quite inactive here, on my blog, over this calendar year... sorry about that. Lots of fun events have happened; but to be honest, nothing interesting enough to write a post about it.

My favourite highlight of this off-season was being the primary robo-camera operator for the recent Hult Prize award ceremony at the UN. The show featured six teams of college-aged entrepreneur innovators who created products that "harnessed the power of energy to improve 10 million people" - see the magical camera work here (ha)!

Since the last blog post, the plethora of United Nations meetings and conferences continue year-round with our broadcast team operating the cameras, microphones, graphic feeds, and more for each event. The media asset management crew is often working nonstop with ingesting footage for archive and playout purposes, maintaining metadata for all digital content, editing speakers from high-level meetings, and monitoring all the recordings.

At Barclays Center, the traditional sports franchises (Nets and Islanders) continued their trek towards the playoffs but fell short and the offseason began... with the ACC Men's Basketball tournament making their debut, Brooklyn Boxing held its 30th event, the NBA brought their annual Draft back to Brooklyn, a new e-sports league emerged, and a handful of chart-topping artists brought down the house. With mostly all of these events, tour companies and outside vendors handled the video feed and graphics operations for the jumbotron/projection screens, ribbons, and TVs around the concourse/clubs... therefore, leaving our TV Systems team with minor updates for our creative projects (box office graphics, menu images/text, and off-season upgrades).

Now, the regular season is about to kick-off in Brooklyn and the 73rd Session of the UNGA is getting underway!

01 December 2017

The Start of My 5th Year in the "Real World"

As September was full of General Assembly debate sessions and committee meetings, October was overrun with late-night concerts and sports' regular season games, and finally, November was nothing but dreaming of endless foods (with the start of the holiday season/Thanksgiving)

The 72nd General Assembly session came and went, there were early morning starts and late night conclusions... by early October, my FIFTH YEAR working the annual gathering commenced and. It is truly amazing to think I have been working full-time, in my first job after college, for over four years and mostly loving every minute of it!!

Beyond this, I am starting the third season at my freelance TV Systems position at the Barclays Center. With the new sports season underway, the TV Systems team put the final touches on the big graphics projects and tested, then implemented them building-wide. Every day, we are constantly working on updating data within these new templates and finessing any miscellaneous graphics project!

2018 is bound to bring great, exciting, and new projects... within my currents roles, or beyond!

07 September 2017

Let the "Games" Begin!

As summer rolls away and September arrives, my days begin to expand and drag into nights. Throughout the summer, the Barclays Center television systems went through its annual software update and minor hardware upgrades; while at the United Nations, I have been assigned to teach and retrain some new crew members on the internal media management systems.

With the system upgrades at Barclays Center, there have many very few concerts/shows/events and therefore, limited shifts are available to work during any nights or weekends. As system upgrades finish and sports seasons begin, our IPTV Systems team will be putting the final touches on the new designs and styles of the motion graphic advertisements, game data tickers, and welcome monitors for some of the premium sections! By mid-October, my schedule will be swamped with night/weekend event coverage shifts and ensuring the new graphics are working properly during these shifts!

Similarly, at the United Nations, summer work has fluctuated with many extremely quiet weeks and few weeks with all-day special event forums. Because of the limited events, most of the equipment maintenance and server tests take place throughout this time - in order for things to be modified, tweaked, or fixed but up and running seamlessly for the start of the new General Assembly session, in mid-September! This summer season also seems to be the most popular time for full-time staff to take vacations and freelance technicians fill the vacant positions. With the influx of new crew, many of them are assigned to the MOC and I am tasked to teach, train, and instruct these technicians on the proper workflow for all aspects of the MAMS (Media Asset Management System)... which is quite the daunting task when there is so much to learn, with so many folders/subfolders and unique edits for different archive purposes and multiple export formats and special rundowns for certain events and so much more!

SO... late Sept/early Oct is set to be filled with hundreds of delegates debating international politics and thousands of sports fans cheering their team on -- all cumulating to become another hectic and crazy, yet amazing and empowering few weeks of working in the media industry!!!