04 December 2015

Whoa, 2015 is Ending and I've Learned So Much!!!

It is crazy to think it is already December 2015; this year alone has flown by and it has truly been an amazingly wonderful year!

Throughout this year, I have gained so many new career experiences and systems knowledge from my various media production positions. As I move onto year 3 of my position in the UN media department, I am excited that I continue to develop my skills in the corporate broadcast field. Over this year, I have been given more responsibility by training and teaching new employees the processes, techniques, and systems of the MOC.

In other aspects of my professional career, I have taken advantage of the NYC production scene and scored myself various freelance jobs. Last winter, I worked various shoots for Left/Right Productions on the Showtime docu-series, 3AM. Shortly thereafter, I applied and interviewed and accepted a perma-lance position with MLB Network throughout the summer, as a broadcast event logger.

Most recently, to fill the winter slump, I picked up a newly created TV Systems Technician position at Barclays Center in the Event Presentation department, working specifically with all in-house broadcast operations. The main duties of this position is to work directly with the IPTV Engineer to maintain digital media related to arena events - including event footage, sponsor ads, arena messages, concession menus, etc; we also distribute such media to all TV screens/monitors throughout the building.

This year has been absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings to me.