22 September 2013

Long Month of August and September

Damn... these past two months have gone by ridiculously fast! Everything about my "new" position (as a Media Production Technician for the United Nations broadcast department) is awesome; I am constantly learning new techniques and skills, meeting more and more inspiring media professionals, and ultimately have a fun time. In addition to working full-time at the United Nations, I have found some time to pick up freelance jobs and continuing to expand my resume with more production experience.

Every September, the United Nations General Assembly holds its annual General Debate - featuring all 193 member states setting its agenda for the coming year and begins discussions on such matters. Our broadcast crew is already swamped with extensive amounts of video requests for each State delegation arrival, all the speeches, and various special events. I personally have been monitoring all the Debate recordings, editing and exporting each speech for their respective delegation.

General Debate 2013 is occurring the week(s) of 24 Sept thru 1 Oct