02 February 2016

New Year and New Potentials for 2016!

As the New Year settles in, I continue my full-time job at the United Nations in the TV operations department and also the various freelance jobs I have been lucky to work on! The first few days of 2016 was amazing, I took my first vacation of the year... to beautiful and sunny Mexico!! After a relaxing week without any thoughts of work, I arrived back in the States and got back into the swing of things - quickly realising why vacation days are vital to take!

During the winter months, the United Nations is generally quiet and for the TV department, we often only cover 3-4 meetings per day (compared to the 10+ per day during parts of Sept/Oct). Throughout these quiet months, my supervisors sometimes switch around staff in different positions letting us develop our knowledge and practice the skills!

Down the 4 train at my Barclays Center freelance gig, I continue to learn more software programs and various techniques that enhance visual content, as well as the distribution of such content to around the arena. It is really such an amazing feeling, when I walk through the Center and know with one push of a button - I can change the content on all 700+ video monitors!

As 2016 really gets going, I am excited to see what will come of it and where my career will go! Cheers