31 July 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update II

Since my last post on Tuesday (Aug 24), I have begun my daily responsibilities and learning nonstop from various peers and NBC staff.

As some already know, I am working with NBC Olympics as a Digital Production Services Logger -- watching the events live, taking notes, and prepping footage for online/on-air highlights. Although, I cannot post about specific events -- I can say that the knowledge and skills I am learning about from NBC directors, producers, supervisors, editors is so awesome! 

Whether it be simply watching events, shadowing producers, or helping editors cut highlights -- there has been so much great stuff that I have been able to learn.

P.S. yes -- this was posted at 4:14 am...because of the time difference and the need to watch events live // we are at 30 Rock already, logging footage!

24 July 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update I

I made it... I have started my internship with NBC Olympics as an event logger! As a logger, along with 12 or so other interns, we ultimately prepare the event footage for highlights -- we watch the Games live, among all of us EVERY SINGLE EVENT, and take notes about highlight-worthy happenings.

Since Saturday 7/21 til now, we have been participating in orientation and got training on the various software/equipment we will be using. It is quite interesting to see the different platforms used in the corporate broadcasting, compared to college television.

Either way, I am excited to begin logging Olympic events tomorrow (football group stages) and the full Games starting Saturday.

09 July 2012

New Blog w ALL Publications of my Media Work

This blog was created to host all of my individual work.

Starting in 2009 (transferred from my old sites), I began working with The Ithacan - producing, shooting, and editing numerous video articles. In Ithaca, I have also worked on ICTV programming: ranging from news, sports, and specialty programming.

Additionally, in the Summer of 2012, I worked in two post-production internships. One at America's Most Wanted; the other with NBC Olympics.

As more of my produced (and/or edited) clips become available, they will be posted here.

06 July 2012

America's Most Wanted Episode 1101 Coming Up Tease

This was the second project that I edited -- a "coming up" tease for July 6th episode.

There are two versions included in this edit: the first went to air; the second (at :50 seconds) was a different version that did not air.

Watch my edits below, or on YouTube.