12 December 2012

Goodbye ICLA!

As everyone was leaving by Dec 9th, I was packing to move into my new apartment for the week. I was able to stay at the Oakwoods and continue my CONAN internship for a few more days, until I actually leave SoCal on Thursday!

Monday at Conan was the best day of the internship -- I was walking through the office with a new intern when we ran into Conan, he held the door open for us and after the new intern introduced herself, I shook Conan's hand and before I could even say hi or anything, he said "oh I know who you are, Andrew!" It was so awesome. The rest of the week was relatively quiet with the same 'ole intern tasks ... Wednesday evening was the end, I had to make my final goodbyes. After (almost exactly) four months in beautiful LA, it's all over!

Now, off to a relaxing vacation in another warm place (Florida). Soon enough, I'll be re-packing and getting ready to move back to Ithaca for my last semester.

Me at the CONAN sign at the Guest Entrance

08 December 2012

The Last Week

Last weekend on Dec 1, the program Director hosted a holiday party for ICLA and all IC alum. It was a bit overwhelming with so many people, but nice to see everybody dressed up and looking nice!

The remainder of the weekend was set for paper writing and completing final course assignments. For the two papers, I was able to write about youth culture in media influences its viewers (Senior Seminar) and how technology has improved sports' broadcasting on American television (Electronic Media Criticism). Both of which research papers were quite interesting and I actually learned a lot about each of those topics.

At my last week of Authentic, I continue transcribing and logging footage for the two sets of shows I am working on -- My First Home (on TLC) and the two IGN shows (Geek Love and Next Game Boss). Friday was my last day at Authentic; I got a delicious free lunch out of my producers and I just didn't want to leave, at all. I was sad.

I was able to take off one day of internship and work as a talent escort for the CBS holidays' show -- A Home For the Holidays. It was a lot smaller and more intimate, compared to the Mexican Billboard Awards in October; I did have a similar task though, to guide my assigned talent (Jillian Michaels) through the backstage and press areas for the show. Other stars who were featured on the special were Wayne Brady, Kevin Frazier, Phillip Phillips, Rascal Flatts and a few others -- all of which, at one point, I was within arms length from. The one-hour holiday special will air Dec 19th at 8pm, on CBS.

Thursday at CONAN would have been my last day here, but luckily
I am able to stay a few extra days and continue the internship. Unfortunately, it was the last day for many of my classmates/coworkers; it was bittersweet! Besides the bittersweetness of the day, nothing too crazy happened behind the scenes, on stage, or in the office.

30 November 2012

Getting Ready to Leave

It is crazy to think that the semester is almost over... just two papers (well one, since I already finished one -- yea, go me!) to go and that's it. Besides the "emotional" reaction to the end of the semester and leaving LA, everything has been normal the past few days -- continuing to discuss relevant topics in class, familiar routines at my internships, and still dealing with the worst public transit system in the nation.

As stated, I am still doing familiar tasks at Authentic (transcribing interviews, logging chyron sheets, creating VO scripts, researching various this for the Development department, etc) and CONAN (sorting and distributing mail, writing late night and research summaries, running on equipment errands for crew, answering phones, etc).

Friday evening/night (it gets so dark, so early!) was Authentic's annual Christmas party; complete with festive music, yule log on the monitors, egg nog, Christmas tree (sorry for the bad picture quality), and just overall fun times!!

22 November 2012

Thanksgiving Week

As many of my fellow ICLA friends went home, traveled, or simply took off work, I went into my internship office at Authentic for the full day of Monday and Tuesday. Since CONAN was on hiatus, there was no need for any interns to sit in the office.

Monday and Tuesday were odd, since I generally do half days (since I have class the other half), I was not used to staying in the office for two full days after the other at Authentic. Even though it was days before a major holiday break, there was plenty of tasks for me to do; mainly transcribing more interviews for various shows, one of which was being worked on as a pilot about the cake-making business (it made me really want a cake). For Game Boss, I was assigned to find pieces for their new set -- which was being built over the following weeks. Although my time at Authentic is winding down, I got really excited about the opportunity to help out on a makeshift-studio shoot in the next week or so.

Since some of the ICLA kids stayed back in Los Angeles for the holiday break, the program coordinator helped us organize a group potluck Thanksgiving dinner. Although I had plans with a close friend for a traditional Thursday turkey dinner, my roommate and I stopped into the program's potluck dinner Wednesday night and enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and company with some awesome people.

16 November 2012

Week 13: Authentic Fun + Weird CONAN Schedule

Authentic has been good lately, been able to see more of the post-production work of various shows -- mainly My First Home, Geek Love, and The Next Game Boss (GBS). For Geek Love, I continued logging b-roll footage and transcribing event interviews; for MFH, I was assigned to create a "blur list" (where the editors blur out parts of logos, faces, license plates, etc) as well logged more production stills, created the VO script, and Chyron log. The Next Game Boss is a new show I started working on, as part of the new IGN line up Authentic is doing. Much of the pre-production and pre-interviews have been completed, now I am reviewing the interviews and logging important topics, while transcribing it at the same time.

CONAN shows for Wed and Thur have previously been taped; Conan was not in the office, nor was half of the staff. Some of the staff are at a TV conference and the staff on site are working on various segments for online or future episodes; us interns have fewer things to do, because of the lesser staff in the office. One of the tasks, I haven't done in the past, is completing a guest summary for the research department. For this task, we have to review the past show tapes of an upcoming guest and summarize the interview -- so they know what to talk about on the guests' next Conan appearance. Since the show is on hiatus next week because of Thanksgiving, the staff hass slowly but surely headed out of town -- leaving the office pretty much completely empty!

11 November 2012

Week 12: MFH Lock Cuts and Visitors

Monday and Tuesday went by quick -- completing VO scripts and chyron logs for the air-ready episodes of My First Home, such episodes are the "locked cuts."

Wednesday came around and as part of the fun non-academic programs of ICLA, we were given the opportunity to win something on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, I did not win anything, but it was so much fun to be a part of the studio audience! Because of TPIR taping, I was unable to go into my internship for CONAN.

Later on Wednesday, I picked up a friend at the airport who came into town for the rest of the week and full weekend... I turned into a tourist and took her around LA/Hollywood, we had a great time catching up and relaxing throughout the weekend.

Now, back to work -- four weeks of internship, two research papers, and one presentation until ICLA ends :(

02 November 2012

Week 11: Meeting the Owners + Fun times at CONAN

This week was has been fun -- at Authentic, I got to (along with the other interns) meet the founders and owners of the company and ask them anything I wanted about the media industry and their company! That was a really cool and interesting opportunity; the only downside to this was: they preached to us, the interns, the basic advice and tips on "breaking into the industry" -- which, personally, I already knew and am sick of hearing it. The more interesting aspect of the discussion was the part when we were able to ask about the company they created and have seen evolve over the past decade -- with changing technologies + audiences + staff + programming and everything else about the company. Following the discussion with the owners, I got back to work updating VO scripts and Chryon logs for My First Home, also logging more b-roll footage of Comic Con for Geek Love.

CONAN was the same 'ole stuff -- on Wednesday, I was assigned to the talent entrance where I checked talent guests' in and escort them to the green room, where they hang out and watch the show. On Thursday, I had an worth-while morning; I discussed the TV industry and the opportunities around it with one of the veteran stage managers and it was great so hear how she has seen the industry change in her time. I then wandered the stage and ended up sitting in the control room chatting with some of crew and other intern for part of music rehearsal, it was cool to see a different side of the production. I was able to sit in the audience during the taping; as usual, it is quite fun to watch the show from the seats -- a whole different perspective.

27 October 2012

Week 10: Cornrows and COMICON

This week went by quite quick, didn't go in on Tuesday -- but had long days on Thursday and Friday. Monday and Friday I was assigned to complete VO scripts for My First Home then finish transcribing pre-convention interviews for Geek Love and after all this, begin logging and finally started to edit together six different camera angles during the sci-fi speed dating event at NYC ComiCon. All of these were lengthy and demanding tasks, but well-worth completing.

CONAN on Wednesday and Thursday was generally normal; besides on Thursday, Conan was decked out in a full spray tan and his hair done in cornrows, which was pretty awesome to see! General office duties occurred throughout other times (including answering a phone call from CHELSEA HANDLER, herself - not her staff or assistant, it was actually her!) and during the Thursday taping, I was able to sit backstage with Conan's assistant and other staff while watching the show, as well as stagehands bringing props and talent onto stage.

20 October 2012

Week 9: Billboard de la Musica Mexicana

As my parents left early Monday morning, I quickly got back to work at my Authentic internship Monday and Tuesday. As various Authentic productions have more episodes shot and more post work needed on them, I have been given more tasks related to post -- Chyron / graphics logging, transcribing interviews / voice overs, searching for various clips, and other such tasks.

CONAN was usual on Wednesday (coffee runs, standing in for rehearsal, answering phones, etc) -- Ellie Goulding was on the show -- which was sweet, she sang her new single and it was awesome!! I also was assigned to organize, order, and pick up the editing staff's dinners; since the editors stay later into the night to ensure the show gets air-ready, the company pays for their dinners and I picked it up with another intern.

Now, you might be thinking why the title has something to do about Mexican music? Well... I got an email a few weeks ago about an opportunity to be a TALENT ESCORT for "a Telemundo event" -- it turned out it was the Billboard Mexican Music Awards! In essence, I escorted my assigned talent (Conjunto Primavera) from their vehicle to the red carpet to their seats, then to the dressing rooms, onto stage, throughout the backstage press area, and finally back to their seats. The whole experience was quite unique because I have never worked crew/escort on a live truck-broadcast event, based on a stage (like this awards show). Although I could not sneak a peek into the broadcast truck, it was all really interesting to see how everything else was set up backstage and in-house.

15 October 2012

Parents Came to Visit!!!

With CONAN on hiatus last week (10/8-10/12), us interns weren't needed all day everyday and I was able to switch internship shifts for Thur/Fri. Since I was not working Friday, I was able to pick up a rental car and start driving around Los Angeles and get to LAX to get my parents from their flights.

The Washington Nationals were riding high in October baseball; after Thursday night with a HUGE walk-off home-run by Jayson Werth, my dad and I were hoping to watch them win the NLDS Friday night at a local sports bar... I guess the Cardinals wanted otherwise :(

Saturday was a fun day being a tourist, we went to Griffith Observatory and explored the crazy world of space and awesome views of Los Angeles / Hollywood sign. My mother decided she wanted to walk over the sign, but then realized the only way was to drive down the hill then walk up, which would take about hour -- so instead, we drove through the neighborhoods and got relatively close to the sign (not zoomed at all)! We then explored downtown to Hollywood for lunch at the Hollywood + Highland shopping center; a distant cousin met us after lunch and walked around the area with us, we then went our separate ways. After a short nap (me, in my apartment; parents in their hotel), I picked them up and headed down to a steakhouse for a delicious dinner!

Sunday turned out to be another touristy day -- we went on the WB VIP Studio Tour (yes, I did got the employee discount) and had a great time! I unfortunately had a meeting for an upcoming work gig on Sunday evening, so I brought my dad back to the Glendale area and my mother to the Museum of Tolerance in the Century City neighborhood of LA. After the meeting, we met up with our cousin again for a delicious Italian dinner.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend to get away from reality and see family ... now, back to work and classes :(

10 October 2012

Week 8: New Authentic Show + CONAN Hiatus

After a non-work day on Monday, I went into Authentic on Tuesday to a full day of tasks. In the morning, I had to check the MFH Casting email to see if any more realtors followed-up about being on the show. Then, I followed-up with the tasks from the previous week that I thought I did not finish, which actually were completed. Thankfully, my supervisor quickly put me in contact with a new show's producer, Geek Love and The Next Game Boss on TLC and IGN, respectively.

For the new shows, I created a spreadsheet for a "speed dating" segment (then printed 1,000 -- yes ONE THOUSAND -- copies) on Geek Love and researched new cast for The Next Game Boss. Surprisingly, these tasks were very time consuming and lasted all day!

Since CONAN is on hiatus this week (due to the MLB Postseason), duties and times of intern shifts are even more flexible and relaxed. Simply, we have to answer phones and sort mail -- no coffee, no lunch runs, no equipment runs, no discussions with crew, AKA nothing really to do! But since I need as many intern hours as possible, as per required for credit, I decided to come into the offices and answer the phones on Wednesday... fun stuff!

05 October 2012

Week 7: Honey Boo Boo, Final Cut, and Late Night w Conan

The days at Authentic were quite hectic this week -- proof-checking lists of music clips for an Auction Kings episode; researched clips in Lost; logged a Chyron list for Honey Boo Boo (which is absolutely RIDICULOUS – took me 3 hours to simply review and log a 43-minute episode). Friday is much more hectic: received requests to complete tasks by two different departments at the same time throughout the day! For My First Home, I had to log Chryon text for the episodes that are being finalized. In the afternoon, I color corrected some dog photos on Photoshop and at the same time edited some Final Cut clips for the post department. At the end of today (Friday), there is a birthday celebration for all Sept and Oct staff birthdays -- yay cupcakes!

CONAN was typical but fun, as usual. As a group task, the interns need to digitize the list of all past guests on Conan’s show – starting way back in 1993 from Late Night until the current series of CONAN. We have to type up names and descriptions of every single guest and musical/ comedy act into a spreadsheet. Even though there are now about 3000 episodes of a Conan show on TV, we are about 85% complete. Another cool thing about this internship is that we summarize every other late night talk show -- so the writers don't replicate / remake any of their jokes on CONAN. It is interesting to watch these other late-night shows, while working at one also.

29 September 2012

Week 6: No Conan Taping & MFH Photos

Monday, as usual, was a half day at Authentic and I had the task of logging hundreds of still photos from previously shot episodes of My First Home (MFH). As the first few episodes of the 5th season were recently shot, I have been going through each photograph to write captions and fill out the episode log summarizing all of the photos.

The next few days were Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, so I did not go into the office Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday at Conan there was no show taping (because it was previously shot). Because of the no-show day, there were fewer interns and lots of the staff left early; the usual intern tasks commenced: answering phones, covering assistants' desks, going through mail, etc.

Yesterday (Friday) at Authentic, I continued logging numerous episodes' still photography. I also helped the post-prod staff with straightening out some legal paperwork for the edits.

21 September 2012

(Short) Week 5: Dressing Room, Fender, and more!

So today is Wednesday: the first day of my work week (because of Rosh Hashanah, I was not working at my internship).

On Wednesday at Conan, I actually did some cool stuff -- I brought some of Conan's clothes from his dressing room (which is just wow!) to his office, I also went on a run for the band: picking up a new amp (from the Fender showroom, which was mad cool) and a vintage guitar, last thing of the day was get one of the executive producers' car a car wash!!

I have a feeling that there will be many more things to talk about later this week... and I was wrong -- everything was fun for Thursday and Friday, but nothing crazy happened!

Thursday at Conan started an hour early, as part of morning rotations for our interns. We made the first round of coffee, turned on the TVs/computers, and made sure everything was properly stocked before the staff arrived. Besides waking up and arrive to work an hour early, Ricky Gervais was on the show and was pretty hilarious... otherwise, it was a normal day!

For Authentic today, I have been preparing episode binders for the upcoming season of TLC's My First Home.

Now... IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!

16 September 2012

End of the Week 4

After the big hoopla for being on-air for one of the segments on Conan (at 9:14) of last week, Thursday and Friday went on as usual.

Conan on Thursday went by quick; it was a short morning and in the afternoon, I was green room / guest-entrance security. For this position, which rotates each day, the responsibilities include checking in guests of the on-air talent or show staff and making sure the talent  interns know when the guests arrive and such.

For Authentic, I began taking the next step for casting by calling those interested realtors that were contacted via email. The first few phone calls were awkward and choppy and I didn't really know what I was doing, after the next few calls -- I settled in and found the right groove. I initially thought that calling prospective cast members would not be fun or interesting, but it turns out realtors are very friendly and engaging individuals to work it (might be why they are realtors).

As the weekend concludes, Rosh Hashanah begins and I will not be working on Monday or Tuesday... so check back later this week for class/internship updates

12 September 2012

ON-AIR for Conan!!!!

The first few days of the week started at usual... the normal tasks at Authentic (casting realtors and buyers, research various topics, brief video editing, and various paperwork) occurred Monday and Tuesdays.

Classes have been okay; bottom line is that they are classes, so eh! The Senior Seminar (one about youth culture in media) is kind of interesting: learning from various 1950s and 1960s films discussing the "teenager," how the term, and the actual teens were portrayed and lived in that time era. The Electronic Media Criticism (EMC) class is much more my style: watching television shows about various topics and simply analyzing the content and what the underlying messages are for each program.

Now, the BIG NEWS.... I broke into the acting scene, my first on-air gig was for CONAN. Not really, but I did make it on-air for CONAN. For one of the segments, the producers needed supporters for Andy (it'll make sense in the video) and I was selected.

Screenshot of me on screen -- Video is posted below

Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video into the post, but if you click the following link -- I am "featured" briefly at 9:14

07 September 2012


Labor Day Weekend was fun (see the last post), but it went by quick and I got quickly back into work and class on Tuesday.

Luckily, Tuesday was a "short" day with only one class and a half day at Authentic Entertainment. During the short day, I continued researching and finding realtors interested in becoming new cast for the show I intern for (My First Home); at the end of the day (6pm), there was a show season premiere party for one of our productions (Flipping Out) -- which was so awesome!

The following few days must have went by really slow because I cannot remember what I did... Although Conan is so much fun and things are constantly changing, the general intern tasks become slightly repetitive and boring. As time goes by and we continue to settle into our roles, I hope I will be able to take on more challenging + interesting tasks.

Today (Friday), I was able to do some work with the post department at Authentic. I got to help with the editing of some new pilots and also had the task of reorganizing show file.

03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends are the best... time to sit back, relax, and not worry about internships or classes!! As Friday ended (2 hours early actually- my internship let me leave early!), I made my way back to the apartment and prepared for the long weekend-- which didn't really mean much!

Saturday, I went with some of IC kids to one of the Golf 'N Stuff locations (the same place where the Karate Kid was filmed at) and we had a blast -- unlimited bumper cars, go kart-ing, bumper boats, and mini golfing!! Saturday night was quite an adventure, we went out to Hollywood and it turns out the LA police didn't want us to... 'cause our car got towed and we had to walk 3 miles to go pick it up!

Sunday came quick and we went to Dockweiler State Beach, for the beach (obviously) and an awesome bonfire/grill. The only problem was, we needed a small charcoal grill and it took us OVER AN HOUR to find one; every hardware/house-ware/outdoors store that we checked did not have any... until we saw a Home Depot and they had one. After that, we got to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful beach weather.

Todayyyyy is homework day :( so yea, I should go back and do homework!

It was a beautiful day at Dockweiler

31 August 2012

CONAN and more fun ICLA stuff!

It feels as if it has been forever since I last posted. So here is the update....

CONAN was not on air last week (my first day), so a new late-night comedian (Pete Holmes) was using Conan's studio space to shoot his own upcoming series. We were there to assist the crew with anything needed, similarly to what we do when CONAN is on air. It was a cool way to ease into the "real" internship -- learning the stage, the WB lot, the daily flow of the office, and such!

This week, week of 8/27, was the first week back from hiatus. I am working Wednesday and Thursday, while the other days I am fitting in classes and Authentic Entertainment. It was seriously so cool to work on the show... although the morning was relatively slow (coffee runs, sorting office mail, answering phones, etc) - once the afternoon hit, it all went down!! Rehearsal happened right after lunch, and Conan really knows how to rock the guitar; the director went thru various parts of the monologue for blocking, writing, and comedic factor; and practiced some interactive segments. Also, reading fan mail is quite hilarious...

Authentic has been slow; I have been working on casting for MFH (My First Home - the show I am assigned to) and research for other shows (within the general development department). There has been a little post-production work, mainly cutting together casting videos on Final Cut.

Besides the internships, we have explored much of Los Angeles. Some of the LA exploring was with the whole ICLA group (the Sign hike, LA farmers market, episode taping, Universal Studios tour/park, and yea) and others were just on our own (an interesting karaoke bar, In 'N Out burger, seeing old friends living in LA now, and more)... all of it has been so great!!

22 August 2012

First Days of ICLA

... are surprisingly not too overwhelming!! With only two (and a half) classes and four full days of working at my internships, I am settling into the LA lifestyle very well.

Senior Seminar and Electronic Media Criticism (EMC) are the two classes I will be taking during this Fall semester. Senior Seminar is a course designed for seniors to discuss various aspects of media; the name of EMC is pretty much what the course is about, intellectually criticizing programming on various media platforms.

My first two days of Authentic Entertainment were slow, but quite interesting. I have been assigned to intern with TLC's My First Home, in all aspects of productions. Since the show is on hiatus right now, I was set to start researching for new cast members. I plan to work in the Authentic offices Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays.

On the other hand, my other internships (at Conan) begins tomorrow (Thursday). I am not 100% sure exactly what I will be doing. So check back this weekend to read about my first days of Conan.

19 August 2012

Summer is officially OVER....

So as the rest of Ithaca students are just arriving back into the central NY campus, me and 91 other IC students are starting classes tomorrow -- out here on the west coast, in Los Angeles!!

The Ithaca College LA program is designed for Park School students to experience the Hollywood lifestyle by taking courses and interning at a company in their industry. For me, I will be taking three courses and interning at two different companies -- Conan and Authentic Entertainment.

Throughout the semester, I will be blogging about my experiences here in Los Angeles -- mainly about the productions, but also some about living in LA.

One of my photos from the hike to the Hollywood sign

14 August 2012

Goodbye NYC, Hello LA!

So NBC Olympics was such an incredible internship and I loved every minute of it (check it out, from my previous posts here). Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end... and new good things start -- aka Ithaca College Los Angeles semester program.

As the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 games finished and my internship officially ended, I began packing my NYC things and got ready to fly out for LA. Thankfully, my boxes and things all arrived in LA -- as well as me, on an on-time JetBlue flight -- and I am slowly but surely settling into my apartment in LA.

Last time I checked (which was just few minutes ago), I will be interning at Conan and Authentic Entertainment for the semester. While taking classes and working for these productions, I will hopefully be able to explore and soak up all that the southern Cali region as to offer.

13 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update V

It's all over! :(

The last few days of the internship went by so fast; covering the finals of wrestling and handball on Friday and Saturday were quite interesting. After not sleeping too well on Friday night, coming into 30 Rock Saturday morning having to watch wrestling was not what I was hoping for. Thankfully, the handball matches made up for the 3 hours of men's wrestling! I never thought handball (a mixture of basketball, soccer, and field hockey), would be such an interesting sport to watch.

On the last day of the internship and the Games, we continued logging events but also remembered the past few weeks with each other and how much of a great time we had!

Now... off to a semester in Los Angeles with Ithaca College.

09 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update IV

Damn-- NBC Olympics is such a fantastic internship! With all the different people and backgrounds, even just within my department, it is so incredible to see the staff come together and put together such an incredible display of professional -- both behind the scenes and on air!

After a week of tennis, I ended up covering "futbol" (aka American soccer), some volleyball, and taekwando! Just as the previous week went, I was watching the events live and taking notes of worthy occurances/preparing them for the highlight reels.

I truly cannot believe that in a mere three days, this whole experience will be over! This last weekend, I plan to enjoy every second of it -- the internship AND the city that never sleeps!

06 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update III

So a week as gone by since my last post and everything with my NBC Olympics internship has been so incredible.

For the first few days, I was scheduled for the 3am shift. At first, I was scared -- 'cause ya know, taking the NYC subway at 3am is kind of sketchy... thankfully, our supervisors informed us that NBC would provide a car service for these 3am shifts and I sighed in relief!!

During the first few 3am shifts, I was covering the daily live-aired tennis matches from Bravo (one of the networks NBC is airing Olympic events). After those first few 3am shifts, they moved me just to cover tennis and I have been logging tennis all of last week, thru the medal rounds (yesterday, Sunday). I got to see two crazy Olympic records (longest set in Olympic history AND longest match in Olympic history) and got to watch some great world-class tennis matches!!!

Now that tennis has ended, some new events for logging are coming my way!

31 July 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update II

Since my last post on Tuesday (Aug 24), I have begun my daily responsibilities and learning nonstop from various peers and NBC staff.

As some already know, I am working with NBC Olympics as a Digital Production Services Logger -- watching the events live, taking notes, and prepping footage for online/on-air highlights. Although, I cannot post about specific events -- I can say that the knowledge and skills I am learning about from NBC directors, producers, supervisors, editors is so awesome! 

Whether it be simply watching events, shadowing producers, or helping editors cut highlights -- there has been so much great stuff that I have been able to learn.

P.S. yes -- this was posted at 4:14 am...because of the time difference and the need to watch events live // we are at 30 Rock already, logging footage!

24 July 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update I

I made it... I have started my internship with NBC Olympics as an event logger! As a logger, along with 12 or so other interns, we ultimately prepare the event footage for highlights -- we watch the Games live, among all of us EVERY SINGLE EVENT, and take notes about highlight-worthy happenings.

Since Saturday 7/21 til now, we have been participating in orientation and got training on the various software/equipment we will be using. It is quite interesting to see the different platforms used in the corporate broadcasting, compared to college television.

Either way, I am excited to begin logging Olympic events tomorrow (football group stages) and the full Games starting Saturday.

09 July 2012

New Blog w ALL Publications of my Media Work

This blog was created to host all of my individual work.

Starting in 2009 (transferred from my old sites), I began working with The Ithacan - producing, shooting, and editing numerous video articles. In Ithaca, I have also worked on ICTV programming: ranging from news, sports, and specialty programming.

Additionally, in the Summer of 2012, I worked in two post-production internships. One at America's Most Wanted; the other with NBC Olympics.

As more of my produced (and/or edited) clips become available, they will be posted here.

06 July 2012

America's Most Wanted Episode 1101 Coming Up Tease

This was the second project that I edited -- a "coming up" tease for July 6th episode.

There are two versions included in this edit: the first went to air; the second (at :50 seconds) was a different version that did not air.

Watch my edits below, or on YouTube.

29 June 2012

America's Most Wanted Episode 1100 APB

I started this summer as a post-production intern with America's Most Wanted. This was the first project that I edited -- the June 29th episode's All Points Bulletin (APB).

An APB provides updates for previously aired fugitives. The footage was provided, and my job was to rewrite the script and shorten to visual story - while still providing all necessary information.

Watch the final cut below, on YouTube, or on Lifetime's AMW website (episode 29).

12 April 2012

IC Students React to Trayvon Martin

Last week, Ithaca College students organized a rally showing support for justice in the Trayvon Martin situation. For the April 5th issue, The Ithacan featured a story about Trayvon and our students' efforts to raise awareness. This video, clips from the rally, was filmed by me and edited by the multimedia editor, Kari Beal.

To read the article, click here; To watch the video, click here

29 March 2012

Fracking: Health and Policy

A local couple (a Cornell Univ professor of molecular medicine and the other a veterinarian) recently researched, observed, and analyzed the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on humans and animals. In 24 different cases across 6 states, they found both humans and animals being affected by this hydro-fracking.

To watch the piece, click here. To read the report, click here.

22 March 2012

The Jumanji Effect: Extreme Winters Explained

This winter has been unseasonably warm winter, here in Ithaca and across the United States east coast. Meteorologists have labelled this extreme winter as the Jumanji Effect. Over the past many years, studies and observations have shown a general trend of rising and warming temperatures, across the globe.

A recent New York state study explored the impacts of this climate change to the local ecosystems. Specifically, some Cornell Univ professors investigated the effects on animal and plant ecosystems by the Jumanji Effect.

Watch the video below, or click here. To read the report, click here

13 March 2012

Ithaca Bombers Spring Sports' Preview

Each sports season, The Ithacan sports writers provide an in-depth look and analysis of the upcoming sports teams on South Hill. This semester, the multimedia team joined in on the action and created a short video presenting the varsity Spring teams.

The crew (Kari Beal, Aaron Rosen, and myself) spent hours in the new Athletics and Events Center to get interviews, practice footage, and interesting b-roll. We edited it down to just over 3 minutes, yet still featuring all nine varsity teams.

Watch the video below, or click here

16 February 2012

IC Students Analyze Super Bowl Commercial

Every year, sports fans and marketing geeks anxiously await the first Sunday of February. Super Bowl Sunday is not only the biggest sporting event in America, it is also the biggest place for companies to run commercial advertisements.

We got a few Advertising students from Ithaca College to take an in depth look and analysis of this year's Super Bowl commercials.

Watch the video below, or click here.

14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Animation

During the Spring 2012 semester, I am took a course in animation and learned Abode After Effects. One of the projects was to create a short and simple Valentine's Day animation.

Watch the animation below, or click here.

02 February 2012

Ithaca Resident Explores Human Rights Issues of Guantanamo Bay

For the past few years, Ithaca Catholic Workers (ICW) members traveled to DC and participated with the organization Witness Against Torture to protest the human rights issues of the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Ellen Grady, an ICW member and human rights activist, talks with me about her work and the protests in DC. Watch the video below, or click here.

26 January 2012

1 on 1: Andrei Oztemel

Each week, the Ithacan multimedia team provides an in-depth look at an outstanding Bomber athlete -- we call the segment "1 on 1".

This week features Andrei Oztemel '13 forward on the men's basketball team who currently sits fifth places in free throws in the NCAA D3 rankings at 92.2%. In his freshman year, he was awarded MVP of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Upstate NY D3 Tournament and also received Rookie of the Week three times throughout the season. As a sophomore, he drained 88 three-pointers to become second all-time at Ithaca for most season three-pointers made.

Watch the video below, or click here ... to read more about Andrei and his stats, click here.