31 August 2012

CONAN and more fun ICLA stuff!

It feels as if it has been forever since I last posted. So here is the update....

CONAN was not on air last week (my first day), so a new late-night comedian (Pete Holmes) was using Conan's studio space to shoot his own upcoming series. We were there to assist the crew with anything needed, similarly to what we do when CONAN is on air. It was a cool way to ease into the "real" internship -- learning the stage, the WB lot, the daily flow of the office, and such!

This week, week of 8/27, was the first week back from hiatus. I am working Wednesday and Thursday, while the other days I am fitting in classes and Authentic Entertainment. It was seriously so cool to work on the show... although the morning was relatively slow (coffee runs, sorting office mail, answering phones, etc) - once the afternoon hit, it all went down!! Rehearsal happened right after lunch, and Conan really knows how to rock the guitar; the director went thru various parts of the monologue for blocking, writing, and comedic factor; and practiced some interactive segments. Also, reading fan mail is quite hilarious...

Authentic has been slow; I have been working on casting for MFH (My First Home - the show I am assigned to) and research for other shows (within the general development department). There has been a little post-production work, mainly cutting together casting videos on Final Cut.

Besides the internships, we have explored much of Los Angeles. Some of the LA exploring was with the whole ICLA group (the Sign hike, LA farmers market, episode taping, Universal Studios tour/park, and yea) and others were just on our own (an interesting karaoke bar, In 'N Out burger, seeing old friends living in LA now, and more)... all of it has been so great!!

22 August 2012

First Days of ICLA

... are surprisingly not too overwhelming!! With only two (and a half) classes and four full days of working at my internships, I am settling into the LA lifestyle very well.

Senior Seminar and Electronic Media Criticism (EMC) are the two classes I will be taking during this Fall semester. Senior Seminar is a course designed for seniors to discuss various aspects of media; the name of EMC is pretty much what the course is about, intellectually criticizing programming on various media platforms.

My first two days of Authentic Entertainment were slow, but quite interesting. I have been assigned to intern with TLC's My First Home, in all aspects of productions. Since the show is on hiatus right now, I was set to start researching for new cast members. I plan to work in the Authentic offices Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays.

On the other hand, my other internships (at Conan) begins tomorrow (Thursday). I am not 100% sure exactly what I will be doing. So check back this weekend to read about my first days of Conan.

19 August 2012

Summer is officially OVER....

So as the rest of Ithaca students are just arriving back into the central NY campus, me and 91 other IC students are starting classes tomorrow -- out here on the west coast, in Los Angeles!!

The Ithaca College LA program is designed for Park School students to experience the Hollywood lifestyle by taking courses and interning at a company in their industry. For me, I will be taking three courses and interning at two different companies -- Conan and Authentic Entertainment.

Throughout the semester, I will be blogging about my experiences here in Los Angeles -- mainly about the productions, but also some about living in LA.

One of my photos from the hike to the Hollywood sign

14 August 2012

Goodbye NYC, Hello LA!

So NBC Olympics was such an incredible internship and I loved every minute of it (check it out, from my previous posts here). Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end... and new good things start -- aka Ithaca College Los Angeles semester program.

As the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 games finished and my internship officially ended, I began packing my NYC things and got ready to fly out for LA. Thankfully, my boxes and things all arrived in LA -- as well as me, on an on-time JetBlue flight -- and I am slowly but surely settling into my apartment in LA.

Last time I checked (which was just few minutes ago), I will be interning at Conan and Authentic Entertainment for the semester. While taking classes and working for these productions, I will hopefully be able to explore and soak up all that the southern Cali region as to offer.

13 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update V

It's all over! :(

The last few days of the internship went by so fast; covering the finals of wrestling and handball on Friday and Saturday were quite interesting. After not sleeping too well on Friday night, coming into 30 Rock Saturday morning having to watch wrestling was not what I was hoping for. Thankfully, the handball matches made up for the 3 hours of men's wrestling! I never thought handball (a mixture of basketball, soccer, and field hockey), would be such an interesting sport to watch.

On the last day of the internship and the Games, we continued logging events but also remembered the past few weeks with each other and how much of a great time we had!

Now... off to a semester in Los Angeles with Ithaca College.

09 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update IV

Damn-- NBC Olympics is such a fantastic internship! With all the different people and backgrounds, even just within my department, it is so incredible to see the staff come together and put together such an incredible display of professional -- both behind the scenes and on air!

After a week of tennis, I ended up covering "futbol" (aka American soccer), some volleyball, and taekwando! Just as the previous week went, I was watching the events live and taking notes of worthy occurances/preparing them for the highlight reels.

I truly cannot believe that in a mere three days, this whole experience will be over! This last weekend, I plan to enjoy every second of it -- the internship AND the city that never sleeps!

06 August 2012

NBC Olympics Internship: Update III

So a week as gone by since my last post and everything with my NBC Olympics internship has been so incredible.

For the first few days, I was scheduled for the 3am shift. At first, I was scared -- 'cause ya know, taking the NYC subway at 3am is kind of sketchy... thankfully, our supervisors informed us that NBC would provide a car service for these 3am shifts and I sighed in relief!!

During the first few 3am shifts, I was covering the daily live-aired tennis matches from Bravo (one of the networks NBC is airing Olympic events). After those first few 3am shifts, they moved me just to cover tennis and I have been logging tennis all of last week, thru the medal rounds (yesterday, Sunday). I got to see two crazy Olympic records (longest set in Olympic history AND longest match in Olympic history) and got to watch some great world-class tennis matches!!!

Now that tennis has ended, some new events for logging are coming my way!