01 December 2017

The Start of My 5th Year in the "Real World"

As September was full of General Assembly debate sessions and committee meetings, October was overrun with late-night concerts and sports' regular season games, and finally, November was nothing but dreaming of endless foods (with the start of the holiday season/Thanksgiving)

The 72nd General Assembly session came and went, there were early morning starts and late night conclusions... by early October, my FIFTH YEAR working the annual gathering commenced and. It is truly amazing to think I have been working full-time, in my first job after college, for over four years and mostly loving every minute of it!!

Beyond this, I am starting the third season at my freelance TV Systems position at the Barclays Center. With the new sports season underway, the TV Systems team put the final touches on the big graphics projects and tested, then implemented them building-wide. Every day, we are constantly working on updating data within these new templates and finessing any miscellaneous graphics project!

2018 is bound to bring great, exciting, and new projects... within my currents roles, or beyond!