Start of Summer Vibes!

Since my last post, way back in January, I have thankfully been able to utilize some vacation days to travel around the States a bit, as well as a two-week adventure to China! During the travels, I did amass over 900 photos of the incredible scenery, the mouth-watering food, my wonderful travel companions, and so much more.

The main reason for my lack of posts is due to the lack of unique experiences or special events. Similar to previous years of summer work, major projects and events are quite limited - both at United Nations TV and Barclays Center. There is some systems maintenance and equipment upgrades, but there are dedicated staff engineers to perform these... so we, technicians, are all scheduled to work the normal day-to-day operations of meetings, briefings, interviews, and more!

On the flip side, the owner and operator of Barclays Center (Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment) also now owns/operates the newly-renovated Nassau Coliseum (branded as NYCB Live). Because the facility just opened and they are still hiring the AV Department crew, the creative teams at Barclays have been tasked to develop the look and feel of the front-of-house visuals (LEDs in-bowl, concourse TVs, menu layouts, box office graphics, etc). In addition to creating graphics for Nassau, we are also working on revamping the graphic designs for Barclays Center TVs. This recent task, and the whole job at Barclays, really has given me such amazing opprtunities to grow, learn, and practice many skills related to the Adobe Create Suite, live event production, and systems management.


New Year, Same 'Ole Work

As we ring in the new year of 2017, I continue to bust my butt and work around the clock - jumping between my full-time media production position at the United Nations, my part-time event presentation gig at the Barclays Center, and volunteering as a coordinator for one of the local Moishe House locations!

From Thanksgiving until mid-January, many diplomats are on vacation and tons of their committees, conferences, interviews, etc are generally put on hold. Obviously, world affairs do not stop, as there was an emergency Security Council meeting on Syria called on New Years' Eve!! Since Thanksgiving, there are very few conference room events... for instance, on a "normal" day, there would be about four events per day that our department covers (i.e. operating the cameras, audio, graphics, etc); but during these few weeks, there is one such events (or none) per day!

To fill the rest of my days, as noted, I split my time with working part-time in the AV department of Barclays Center and volunteering for Moishe House to coordinate programming for Jewish young professionals. With the official news of AEG being selected to manage and operate the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum, our creative team at Barclays has been starting to design possible templates for menu boards, box office graphics, and general visuals for the new buildings' TVs! This task is a nice change of pace, compared to the daily routine of my video systems tech role, during game operations.

It is crazy to think I am just about four (4) years out of college and have been working full-time in the industry since! Only time will tell to figure out what 2017 will bring to my career, let's go!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my blog followers!

happy new year