29 March 2012

Fracking: Health and Policy

A local couple (a Cornell Univ professor of molecular medicine and the other a veterinarian) recently researched, observed, and analyzed the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on humans and animals. In 24 different cases across 6 states, they found both humans and animals being affected by this hydro-fracking.

To watch the piece, click here. To read the report, click here.

22 March 2012

The Jumanji Effect: Extreme Winters Explained

This winter has been unseasonably warm winter, here in Ithaca and across the United States east coast. Meteorologists have labelled this extreme winter as the Jumanji Effect. Over the past many years, studies and observations have shown a general trend of rising and warming temperatures, across the globe.

A recent New York state study explored the impacts of this climate change to the local ecosystems. Specifically, some Cornell Univ professors investigated the effects on animal and plant ecosystems by the Jumanji Effect.

Watch the video below, or click here. To read the report, click here

13 March 2012

Ithaca Bombers Spring Sports' Preview

Each sports season, The Ithacan sports writers provide an in-depth look and analysis of the upcoming sports teams on South Hill. This semester, the multimedia team joined in on the action and created a short video presenting the varsity Spring teams.

The crew (Kari Beal, Aaron Rosen, and myself) spent hours in the new Athletics and Events Center to get interviews, practice footage, and interesting b-roll. We edited it down to just over 3 minutes, yet still featuring all nine varsity teams.

Watch the video below, or click here