09 September 2015

Falling into the UNGA Chaos

As summer ends, vacations are in full-swing and the UN is quiet with few meetings, events, and/or special events. Therefore, between my numerous summer travels, I stepped up my freelance game and have been working as a game logger at MLB Network - ultimately monitoring every broadcast for game action, player/team analysis, on-field/fan bloopers, and more!

Back here at the United Nations HQ in September, the world starts to prepare for the all-encompasing start of the 70th General Assembly session and the weeks-long Debate. All 193 member-states send their highest-level government figure (usually a foreign minister, president, prime minister, etc) to make an official statement regarding their country's hope for the world and UN-specific goals for the upcoming year.

This year marks an even bigger event, the Pope is set to attend the first day of the Sustainable Development Summit; from personal research, I learned the Pope has the second largest motorcade in the US, behind the US President. Rumour has it, our UN media/broadcast department will be almost doubling the amount of cameras covering the Pope's visit in the UNGA (6 standard robotic cameras and 5 more manned-cameras)!

In the end, I am super excited for my third General Assembly session and Debate weeks. With the Pope visiting and two years of solid experience, this year will definitely be my biggest and hopefully most inspiring UNGA session!