30 October 2013

Post-Debate Frenzy

In early October, the General Debate ended and numerous Committee, conference, and council meetings restarted or continued. These non-Debate meetings occur throughout the year, in addition to various studio messages, photo opportunities, interviews, delegation statements, etc throughout the UN complex.

I continue to be stationed in the Media Ops Centre, where we monitor video recordings of all high-level meetings, as well as maintaining any studio recording or ENG shoot. Also, I am one of few staff that operate master control for the global UNTV channel. Everything really has settled into place and I am really creating my niche in the media management aspect of the UN media departments.

One pretty cool project that was just started this week is the retrieval of "ancient" video recordings - from the 1960s and 70s, for an NBC Olympics feature. Since the meetings was on film, these records are archived at some facility in New Jersey; once we obtain them, we will ingest and transfer into HD-ready for the NBC broadcast in February.