06 January 2015

Onto 2015 and Continued Success

While most of the world was celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve, the UNTV crew was still hard at work broadcasting last-minute Security Council meetings on important votes on world issues. Besides these few briefings and vote on the "Question of Palestine" (as the United Nation labels it), there has been very little international political work getting done.

As previously noted here, my supervisors and producers want me to partake in other production positions at UNTV. While there are fewer meetings happening and more time to practice on the UN broadcast equipment, I have slowly but surely started actively taken initiative to take a camera out and enhance my field camera skills. Additionally, they have began to schedule me more and more as the cameraman for high-level Security Council press stakeouts and hopefully soon on the art exhibits around the building or in one of the auditoriums (with non-robotic cameras).

One of my new year resolutions (at least for my career), is to grasp a more comprehensive understanding of broadcasting systems and processes at the UN, so I can use this knowledge to further propel myself for sustained success in the media industry.