29 September 2012

Week 6: No Conan Taping & MFH Photos

Monday, as usual, was a half day at Authentic and I had the task of logging hundreds of still photos from previously shot episodes of My First Home (MFH). As the first few episodes of the 5th season were recently shot, I have been going through each photograph to write captions and fill out the episode log summarizing all of the photos.

The next few days were Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, so I did not go into the office Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday at Conan there was no show taping (because it was previously shot). Because of the no-show day, there were fewer interns and lots of the staff left early; the usual intern tasks commenced: answering phones, covering assistants' desks, going through mail, etc.

Yesterday (Friday) at Authentic, I continued logging numerous episodes' still photography. I also helped the post-prod staff with straightening out some legal paperwork for the edits.

21 September 2012

(Short) Week 5: Dressing Room, Fender, and more!

So today is Wednesday: the first day of my work week (because of Rosh Hashanah, I was not working at my internship).

On Wednesday at Conan, I actually did some cool stuff -- I brought some of Conan's clothes from his dressing room (which is just wow!) to his office, I also went on a run for the band: picking up a new amp (from the Fender showroom, which was mad cool) and a vintage guitar, last thing of the day was get one of the executive producers' car a car wash!!

I have a feeling that there will be many more things to talk about later this week... and I was wrong -- everything was fun for Thursday and Friday, but nothing crazy happened!

Thursday at Conan started an hour early, as part of morning rotations for our interns. We made the first round of coffee, turned on the TVs/computers, and made sure everything was properly stocked before the staff arrived. Besides waking up and arrive to work an hour early, Ricky Gervais was on the show and was pretty hilarious... otherwise, it was a normal day!

For Authentic today, I have been preparing episode binders for the upcoming season of TLC's My First Home.

Now... IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!

16 September 2012

End of the Week 4

After the big hoopla for being on-air for one of the segments on Conan (at 9:14) of last week, Thursday and Friday went on as usual.

Conan on Thursday went by quick; it was a short morning and in the afternoon, I was green room / guest-entrance security. For this position, which rotates each day, the responsibilities include checking in guests of the on-air talent or show staff and making sure the talent  interns know when the guests arrive and such.

For Authentic, I began taking the next step for casting by calling those interested realtors that were contacted via email. The first few phone calls were awkward and choppy and I didn't really know what I was doing, after the next few calls -- I settled in and found the right groove. I initially thought that calling prospective cast members would not be fun or interesting, but it turns out realtors are very friendly and engaging individuals to work it (might be why they are realtors).

As the weekend concludes, Rosh Hashanah begins and I will not be working on Monday or Tuesday... so check back later this week for class/internship updates

12 September 2012

ON-AIR for Conan!!!!

The first few days of the week started at usual... the normal tasks at Authentic (casting realtors and buyers, research various topics, brief video editing, and various paperwork) occurred Monday and Tuesdays.

Classes have been okay; bottom line is that they are classes, so eh! The Senior Seminar (one about youth culture in media) is kind of interesting: learning from various 1950s and 1960s films discussing the "teenager," how the term, and the actual teens were portrayed and lived in that time era. The Electronic Media Criticism (EMC) class is much more my style: watching television shows about various topics and simply analyzing the content and what the underlying messages are for each program.

Now, the BIG NEWS.... I broke into the acting scene, my first on-air gig was for CONAN. Not really, but I did make it on-air for CONAN. For one of the segments, the producers needed supporters for Andy (it'll make sense in the video) and I was selected.

Screenshot of me on screen -- Video is posted below

Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video into the post, but if you click the following link -- I am "featured" briefly at 9:14

07 September 2012


Labor Day Weekend was fun (see the last post), but it went by quick and I got quickly back into work and class on Tuesday.

Luckily, Tuesday was a "short" day with only one class and a half day at Authentic Entertainment. During the short day, I continued researching and finding realtors interested in becoming new cast for the show I intern for (My First Home); at the end of the day (6pm), there was a show season premiere party for one of our productions (Flipping Out) -- which was so awesome!

The following few days must have went by really slow because I cannot remember what I did... Although Conan is so much fun and things are constantly changing, the general intern tasks become slightly repetitive and boring. As time goes by and we continue to settle into our roles, I hope I will be able to take on more challenging + interesting tasks.

Today (Friday), I was able to do some work with the post department at Authentic. I got to help with the editing of some new pilots and also had the task of reorganizing show file.

03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends are the best... time to sit back, relax, and not worry about internships or classes!! As Friday ended (2 hours early actually- my internship let me leave early!), I made my way back to the apartment and prepared for the long weekend-- which didn't really mean much!

Saturday, I went with some of IC kids to one of the Golf 'N Stuff locations (the same place where the Karate Kid was filmed at) and we had a blast -- unlimited bumper cars, go kart-ing, bumper boats, and mini golfing!! Saturday night was quite an adventure, we went out to Hollywood and it turns out the LA police didn't want us to... 'cause our car got towed and we had to walk 3 miles to go pick it up!

Sunday came quick and we went to Dockweiler State Beach, for the beach (obviously) and an awesome bonfire/grill. The only problem was, we needed a small charcoal grill and it took us OVER AN HOUR to find one; every hardware/house-ware/outdoors store that we checked did not have any... until we saw a Home Depot and they had one. After that, we got to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful beach weather.

Todayyyyy is homework day :( so yea, I should go back and do homework!

It was a beautiful day at Dockweiler