Big Year Comes to a Close... 2014 Here We Come!

Well damn... 2013 was quite an adventurous year - graduated college, started my first career full-time job, and moved to the Big Apple!

The first half of the year went according to plan, arrived back to Ithaca to finish my last semester at college. Throughout that time, I remembered and relived the most incredible four years of my life; realized how lucky I was to have those incredible times in Ithaca - learning so much, tears of joy and sadness, many (and many more) drinks, different ups and downs, gorge jumping, TCAT riding, wandering the streets of Ithaca, making the best of friends, and just loving life. After those four successful years, I graduated from Ithaca College's Park School of Communication and was ready to take on the media industry!

After I graduated, I thankfully found a summer job - in my intended career - and started right away, producing media content for my summer camp I have attended since sixth grade! I quickly then interviewed for a full time position, a Media Production Technician via crew agency at the United Nations, and got offered it then started very shortly after. I moved to New York City then started to settle in, relearning the subway system, exploring new neighborhoods of the City, and loving it all.

On that note, happy new year... here's to 2014 being just as successful, fun, and awesome as 2013