Wintertime in NYC... and the United Nations!

Since the last post, surprisingly not too much as happened... Thanksgiving and Channukah overlapped this year, Christmas trees and lights have taken over NYC, and few really exciting days at work!

November went by real quick, I moved into my first NYC apartment and quickly settled in - figuring out my new commute, finding good pubs/restaurants, and all the fun moving-in stuff. That's really all that happened last month, well and Thanksgivukkah! Plus NYC got its first "snow" of the winter, just a few morning snow flurries which turned into rain by mid-morning.

December quickly came upon us and started off with a bang! Nelson Mandela passed away on 5-Dec and the UN quickly took action on broadcasting a message of thoughts, condolences, and prayers to his family, South Africa, and the world. As soon as the news broke, the UN Secretary General and Security Council President quickly took action and went on-air with a message to pay tribute to the life and legacy of Mandela. Since the news broke very late in the day and much of the crew left, the remaining quickly jumped into action and got everything back up and running, ready for the broadcasts. We later saw that we broadcast our first statement 20 minutes before Obama!

Most UN committees, Security Council meetings, Mission programs, and other events happen generally wrap up as December comes to a close and come Jan/Feb, days will be much slower and less hectic. For now, I'm still tasked to monitor, then cut and distribute the the important recordings of UN events!