NBC Olympics Internship: Update III

So a week as gone by since my last post and everything with my NBC Olympics internship has been so incredible.

For the first few days, I was scheduled for the 3am shift. At first, I was scared -- 'cause ya know, taking the NYC subway at 3am is kind of sketchy... thankfully, our supervisors informed us that NBC would provide a car service for these 3am shifts and I sighed in relief!!

During the first few 3am shifts, I was covering the daily live-aired tennis matches from Bravo (one of the networks NBC is airing Olympic events). After those first few 3am shifts, they moved me just to cover tennis and I have been logging tennis all of last week, thru the medal rounds (yesterday, Sunday). I got to see two crazy Olympic records (longest set in Olympic history AND longest match in Olympic history) and got to watch some great world-class tennis matches!!!

Now that tennis has ended, some new events for logging are coming my way!