CONAN and more fun ICLA stuff!

It feels as if it has been forever since I last posted. So here is the update....

CONAN was not on air last week (my first day), so a new late-night comedian (Pete Holmes) was using Conan's studio space to shoot his own upcoming series. We were there to assist the crew with anything needed, similarly to what we do when CONAN is on air. It was a cool way to ease into the "real" internship -- learning the stage, the WB lot, the daily flow of the office, and such!

This week, week of 8/27, was the first week back from hiatus. I am working Wednesday and Thursday, while the other days I am fitting in classes and Authentic Entertainment. It was seriously so cool to work on the show... although the morning was relatively slow (coffee runs, sorting office mail, answering phones, etc) - once the afternoon hit, it all went down!! Rehearsal happened right after lunch, and Conan really knows how to rock the guitar; the director went thru various parts of the monologue for blocking, writing, and comedic factor; and practiced some interactive segments. Also, reading fan mail is quite hilarious...

Authentic has been slow; I have been working on casting for MFH (My First Home - the show I am assigned to) and research for other shows (within the general development department). There has been a little post-production work, mainly cutting together casting videos on Final Cut.

Besides the internships, we have explored much of Los Angeles. Some of the LA exploring was with the whole ICLA group (the Sign hike, LA farmers market, episode taping, Universal Studios tour/park, and yea) and others were just on our own (an interesting karaoke bar, In 'N Out burger, seeing old friends living in LA now, and more)... all of it has been so great!!