Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends are the best... time to sit back, relax, and not worry about internships or classes!! As Friday ended (2 hours early actually- my internship let me leave early!), I made my way back to the apartment and prepared for the long weekend-- which didn't really mean much!

Saturday, I went with some of IC kids to one of the Golf 'N Stuff locations (the same place where the Karate Kid was filmed at) and we had a blast -- unlimited bumper cars, go kart-ing, bumper boats, and mini golfing!! Saturday night was quite an adventure, we went out to Hollywood and it turns out the LA police didn't want us to... 'cause our car got towed and we had to walk 3 miles to go pick it up!

Sunday came quick and we went to Dockweiler State Beach, for the beach (obviously) and an awesome bonfire/grill. The only problem was, we needed a small charcoal grill and it took us OVER AN HOUR to find one; every hardware/house-ware/outdoors store that we checked did not have any... until we saw a Home Depot and they had one. After that, we got to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful beach weather.

Todayyyyy is homework day :( so yea, I should go back and do homework!

It was a beautiful day at Dockweiler