Parents Came to Visit!!!

With CONAN on hiatus last week (10/8-10/12), us interns weren't needed all day everyday and I was able to switch internship shifts for Thur/Fri. Since I was not working Friday, I was able to pick up a rental car and start driving around Los Angeles and get to LAX to get my parents from their flights.

The Washington Nationals were riding high in October baseball; after Thursday night with a HUGE walk-off home-run by Jayson Werth, my dad and I were hoping to watch them win the NLDS Friday night at a local sports bar... I guess the Cardinals wanted otherwise :(

Saturday was a fun day being a tourist, we went to Griffith Observatory and explored the crazy world of space and awesome views of Los Angeles / Hollywood sign. My mother decided she wanted to walk over the sign, but then realized the only way was to drive down the hill then walk up, which would take about hour -- so instead, we drove through the neighborhoods and got relatively close to the sign (not zoomed at all)! We then explored downtown to Hollywood for lunch at the Hollywood + Highland shopping center; a distant cousin met us after lunch and walked around the area with us, we then went our separate ways. After a short nap (me, in my apartment; parents in their hotel), I picked them up and headed down to a steakhouse for a delicious dinner!

Sunday turned out to be another touristy day -- we went on the WB VIP Studio Tour (yes, I did got the employee discount) and had a great time! I unfortunately had a meeting for an upcoming work gig on Sunday evening, so I brought my dad back to the Glendale area and my mother to the Museum of Tolerance in the Century City neighborhood of LA. After the meeting, we met up with our cousin again for a delicious Italian dinner.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend to get away from reality and see family ... now, back to work and classes :(