Week 9: Billboard de la Musica Mexicana

As my parents left early Monday morning, I quickly got back to work at my Authentic internship Monday and Tuesday. As various Authentic productions have more episodes shot and more post work needed on them, I have been given more tasks related to post -- Chyron / graphics logging, transcribing interviews / voice overs, searching for various clips, and other such tasks.

CONAN was usual on Wednesday (coffee runs, standing in for rehearsal, answering phones, etc) -- Ellie Goulding was on the show -- which was sweet, she sang her new single and it was awesome!! I also was assigned to organize, order, and pick up the editing staff's dinners; since the editors stay later into the night to ensure the show gets air-ready, the company pays for their dinners and I picked it up with another intern.

Now, you might be thinking why the title has something to do about Mexican music? Well... I got an email a few weeks ago about an opportunity to be a TALENT ESCORT for "a Telemundo event" -- it turned out it was the Billboard Mexican Music Awards! In essence, I escorted my assigned talent (Conjunto Primavera) from their vehicle to the red carpet to their seats, then to the dressing rooms, onto stage, throughout the backstage press area, and finally back to their seats. The whole experience was quite unique because I have never worked crew/escort on a live truck-broadcast event, based on a stage (like this awards show). Although I could not sneak a peek into the broadcast truck, it was all really interesting to see how everything else was set up backstage and in-house.