Week 7: Honey Boo Boo, Final Cut, and Late Night w Conan

The days at Authentic were quite hectic this week -- proof-checking lists of music clips for an Auction Kings episode; researched clips in Lost; logged a Chyron list for Honey Boo Boo (which is absolutely RIDICULOUS – took me 3 hours to simply review and log a 43-minute episode). Friday is much more hectic: received requests to complete tasks by two different departments at the same time throughout the day! For My First Home, I had to log Chryon text for the episodes that are being finalized. In the afternoon, I color corrected some dog photos on Photoshop and at the same time edited some Final Cut clips for the post department. At the end of today (Friday), there is a birthday celebration for all Sept and Oct staff birthdays -- yay cupcakes!

CONAN was typical but fun, as usual. As a group task, the interns need to digitize the list of all past guests on Conan’s show – starting way back in 1993 from Late Night until the current series of CONAN. We have to type up names and descriptions of every single guest and musical/ comedy act into a spreadsheet. Even though there are now about 3000 episodes of a Conan show on TV, we are about 85% complete. Another cool thing about this internship is that we summarize every other late night talk show -- so the writers don't replicate / remake any of their jokes on CONAN. It is interesting to watch these other late-night shows, while working at one also.