Week 8: New Authentic Show + CONAN Hiatus

After a non-work day on Monday, I went into Authentic on Tuesday to a full day of tasks. In the morning, I had to check the MFH Casting email to see if any more realtors followed-up about being on the show. Then, I followed-up with the tasks from the previous week that I thought I did not finish, which actually were completed. Thankfully, my supervisor quickly put me in contact with a new show's producer, Geek Love and The Next Game Boss on TLC and IGN, respectively.

For the new shows, I created a spreadsheet for a "speed dating" segment (then printed 1,000 -- yes ONE THOUSAND -- copies) on Geek Love and researched new cast for The Next Game Boss. Surprisingly, these tasks were very time consuming and lasted all day!

Since CONAN is on hiatus this week (due to the MLB Postseason), duties and times of intern shifts are even more flexible and relaxed. Simply, we have to answer phones and sort mail -- no coffee, no lunch runs, no equipment runs, no discussions with crew, AKA nothing really to do! But since I need as many intern hours as possible, as per required for credit, I decided to come into the offices and answer the phones on Wednesday... fun stuff!