Week 6: No Conan Taping & MFH Photos

Monday, as usual, was a half day at Authentic and I had the task of logging hundreds of still photos from previously shot episodes of My First Home (MFH). As the first few episodes of the 5th season were recently shot, I have been going through each photograph to write captions and fill out the episode log summarizing all of the photos.

The next few days were Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, so I did not go into the office Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday at Conan there was no show taping (because it was previously shot). Because of the no-show day, there were fewer interns and lots of the staff left early; the usual intern tasks commenced: answering phones, covering assistants' desks, going through mail, etc.

Yesterday (Friday) at Authentic, I continued logging numerous episodes' still photography. I also helped the post-prod staff with straightening out some legal paperwork for the edits.