ON-AIR for Conan!!!!

The first few days of the week started at usual... the normal tasks at Authentic (casting realtors and buyers, research various topics, brief video editing, and various paperwork) occurred Monday and Tuesdays.

Classes have been okay; bottom line is that they are classes, so eh! The Senior Seminar (one about youth culture in media) is kind of interesting: learning from various 1950s and 1960s films discussing the "teenager," how the term, and the actual teens were portrayed and lived in that time era. The Electronic Media Criticism (EMC) class is much more my style: watching television shows about various topics and simply analyzing the content and what the underlying messages are for each program.

Now, the BIG NEWS.... I broke into the acting scene, my first on-air gig was for CONAN. Not really, but I did make it on-air for CONAN. For one of the segments, the producers needed supporters for Andy (it'll make sense in the video) and I was selected.

Screenshot of me on screen -- Video is posted below

Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video into the post, but if you click the following link -- I am "featured" briefly at 9:14