End of the Week 4

After the big hoopla for being on-air for one of the segments on Conan (at 9:14) of last week, Thursday and Friday went on as usual.

Conan on Thursday went by quick; it was a short morning and in the afternoon, I was green room / guest-entrance security. For this position, which rotates each day, the responsibilities include checking in guests of the on-air talent or show staff and making sure the talent  interns know when the guests arrive and such.

For Authentic, I began taking the next step for casting by calling those interested realtors that were contacted via email. The first few phone calls were awkward and choppy and I didn't really know what I was doing, after the next few calls -- I settled in and found the right groove. I initially thought that calling prospective cast members would not be fun or interesting, but it turns out realtors are very friendly and engaging individuals to work it (might be why they are realtors).

As the weekend concludes, Rosh Hashanah begins and I will not be working on Monday or Tuesday... so check back later this week for class/internship updates