Labor Day Weekend was fun (see the last post), but it went by quick and I got quickly back into work and class on Tuesday.

Luckily, Tuesday was a "short" day with only one class and a half day at Authentic Entertainment. During the short day, I continued researching and finding realtors interested in becoming new cast for the show I intern for (My First Home); at the end of the day (6pm), there was a show season premiere party for one of our productions (Flipping Out) -- which was so awesome!

The following few days must have went by really slow because I cannot remember what I did... Although Conan is so much fun and things are constantly changing, the general intern tasks become slightly repetitive and boring. As time goes by and we continue to settle into our roles, I hope I will be able to take on more challenging + interesting tasks.

Today (Friday), I was able to do some work with the post department at Authentic. I got to help with the editing of some new pilots and also had the task of reorganizing show file.